Is Tebow A Good Fit?

This past season something was missing from the New York Jets offense, it was an effective wildcat formation. Bringing Tebow into that formation will make the New York Jets offense very dynamic and hard to contain. With Tebow being to throw decent, I say that with discretion unfortunately because he can be very inconsistent with his throwing ability. He is very stubborn with just sticking with being a quarterback, because his body is definitely built to be a running back. His weight is around 245 and he is around 6″3, when Brandon Jacobs the newly acquired 49er’s running back weighs about 265 and is around 6″4. We all have seen Jacobs run over players, break tackles, and show all kinds of power. Tebow has power, speed, agility, and is smart with the football. He is what we call a “winner” and true football player. I remember when I saw on ESPN, he ran for a 20 yard touchdown with a broken leg in high school; he was the will to win. He always said in his new conferences he is a football player first, and a quarterback second. He might not be the best on the field at all times but I feel he could help that locker room heal from last season’s drama.

In my opinion Tebow could of been brought in for ticket sales for all we know, but he will be apart of this team somehow. He could take Mark Sanchez’s job in the middle of the season if he does poorly after his multiple year extension on his contract. Most people are saying after Sanchez’s throws his first interception, the crowd is going to start chanting “Tebow Tebow Tebow”. If that does happen, Sanchez’s psyche and confidence will be down the tubes.

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